IMAGINAXION Student 2011


hey fashion sweetie .

U love ur work , U will get lovely result .


all direction join into a point

we come together with happiness

our life will shut very beautifully

when the heart of the cross sparked

it will not just a cross mark

that ‘s  a Star

because all of you are out standing



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a very small burning piece of material that is produced by something that is burning or by hitting two hard substances together, a small flash of light produced by an electric current, a small amount of a particular quality or feeling, a special quality of energy, intelligence or enthusiasm that makes somebody very imaginative, amusing, etc., an action or event that causes something important to develop, especially trouble or violence, feelings of anger or excitement between people, to cause something to start or develop, especially suddenly, to produce small flashes of fire or electricity, A lively young fellow

What a Big Cover ! Sun Newspaper – 太陽報 !


Just get the Lastest Clipping from K11.
i was so shy to open it in the MTR with my ipad .
BIG HEAD , you know .


成名不成名, not so important for young artist . But dont miss any chance , go for it . Try your best . And " enjoy !" making art .

The Teacher mentioned in the paragraph just currently curate an exhibition in Hong Kong Central Library with many good artist , like Frog King Kwok . ...

A very good opinion form (MADHOUSE DIRECTOR) Shin Wong . totally agrees with her new artist should walk into gallery to show them your art work and Create you Own Style. yeah , this is first step .

And here we have 2 more K11 Artist Blogger , Gavin and Samantha  to show their idea about their life prospective , collecting upskirt photographs and kids story very close to the hong kong youth slang ” 好爆”  topic .

Work hard on your Love .

Thank to the reporter LUM and photographer.