tokidoki x K11 launch party


So Happy to know simone , a really nice guy ! Happy People , Happy Works , u know !

simone and florian @ tokidoki x K11 launch party

Florian ‘s Blue Fudo Myoo on CAESAR .

Idea is form the Japanese Noh Mask. One the Five Wisdom Kings of womb reaim named Fudo Myoo who is the Buddhist divinity of fire. I reproduce his fierce face symbolize the force of his will to draw all beings to follow the teachings of the Buddha on this Tokidoki Characters. But can we have fun , ” sometime ” ?

理念是來自日本能面具. 不動明王為五大明王之首 , 主管著火. 我複製他激烈的臉在 Tokidoki的人物公仔上 , 提醒眾生他是遵循教法的佛 . 但我們仍有樂趣嗎 ? “Tokidoki”


Unicornos , the best role i like.

Let me bring you go to see what hk is , simone .



A Bike will bite you . Riding with your style.


Canvas Bike ?

A fixed gear bike but you can paint you love colour !

This is my choice OVO

Pick your choice here : 

My choice in the Dark 


Another fixed -gear bicycle by Too Late an Italian Brand. the Glow color is very cool riding in the dark  urban traffic.
you know , most of the time we ride at night in hong kong .
i hope here will change .

Citizen Bike for Ladies Choice .

The best things is step-through alloy curved frame ! OL , no problem  .

A Concept Bike i am looking for . .

Slim is a must in HK  so handlebar and the step should  fold into the body. ..

and we lazy to exercise and everywhere need to link with internet .

so this electric bike  designed by Yuji Fujimura + a motor  and + charger  is really a good choice.





Lucian Freud  is death  !

Freud had died at his London home on Wednesday after an unspecified illness.

He use his lfetime seeing through the skin.